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Wolf L. Eiserhardt

IMG_0502I am a biologist who studies plant diversity. The diversity of plants has fascinated me since my undergraduate studies at the University of Hamburg, Germany. I am interested in all theories and methods that can help explain why there are so many plant taxa with so much variation in form and function. I have variously self-identified as a systematist, comparative biologist, evolutionary biologist, biogeographer or (macro-)ecologist, but lately I have stopped trying to fit into any one of those “boxes”.  I am convinced we need to bring together all those disciplines to understand biodiversity. To me, “integrative plant diversity studies” is what describes my work best.

Why, then, only focus on plants? Because I think explaining biodiversity requires a solid background in organismal biology. Obviously, maths and models are crucial tools of our trade, but when it comes to generating hypotheses and interpreting results, good natural history knowledge is irreplaceable. Most of the methods I use could be applied to any taxon (and indeed I have occasionally fallen for the temptation), but I would never do this except in collaboration with a strong taxon expert. I consider myself a reasonably good botanist and thus I think I can model plant diversity without drawing too many stupid conclusions.


2017– Associate Professor, Aarhus University

2015-2017 Research Leader, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

2014-2016 Marie Curie Fellow, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

2013-2014 Postdoc, Aarhus University

2012 Associate Professor (stand-in), NTNU Trondheim

2011 PhD, Aarhus University

2008 Staatsexamen, University of Hamburg

Professional roles:

Subject editor for phylogeny and macroecology, OIKOS

Council member, Systematics Association 


Dr Wolf L. Eiserhardt
Associate Professor
Department of Bioscience, Aarhus University
Ny Munkegade 116
Building 1540-328
8000 Aarhus C

Phone: (+45) 8715 6136

E-mail: wolf.eiserhardt[at]bios.au.dk

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